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Finnish Name Statistics

In this service, you can view statistics on the forenames and surnames stored in the Finnish Population Information System. You can also browse various statistics on the most common names in different time periods. The data in the service ranges from the 1800s to the present.

Names available in the service

Finnish Name Statistics service contains information on the forenames and surnames of all those who are registered in the Finnish Population Information System.

The service’s forename statistics include the following names registered in the Population Information System:

  • currently valid forenames (primary and other forenames)
  • if the person is deceased, their name(s) at their date of death.

If a forename is relatively rare, its exact number is not displayed in the service. This is to ensure the privacy of individuals.

Rare names

The Population Information System also contains rare forenames, such as those of foreign origin.

Even if a rare forename is stored in the system, it cannot be automatically given to a newborn child in Finland. If you are considering a rare name for your child, you must check its lawfulness with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency or your parish. service

More statistics on forenames and surnames are published in service by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. A number of names includes the valid names of living Finnish citizens in Finland or abroad. Forenames with less than five name holders are not presented for data protection reasons. Limit for surnames is 20. Data is updated twice a year and published as Excel files.

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